Our Added Value To Government Clients

Federal, State, And Local Government

Peach Medical possesses extensive experience collaborating with diverse departments across federal, state, and local government tiers.

Our Added Value To Government Clients

Peach Medical has a breath of experience working with various different departments in the federal, state, and local government levels. We understand the unique needs of each organization and consult with the procurement and purchasing departments of each organization. Our successful track record of delivering medical and testing products has resulted in long term contracts. We are always more than happy to share our references.

Capabilities that are offered to government entities:

  • Ordering via Purchase Orders

  • Net-30 Terms

  • Turn around time for shipment happen either same-day or next-business day

  • Samples of either FDA approved or FDA EUA Approved products.

What differentiates Peach Medical in delivering to government entities?

Peach Medical, as an E-commerce store, is required to keep inventory on hand to support both online and recurring B2B orders. Due to having a steady supply of inventory coming in, we are able to fulfill orders immediately to government clients.

Our Clients

For larger orders, we provide excellent bulk discounts in addition to competitive pricing

Our Added Value To Government Clients

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