By wearing the wrong mask, did you know that you may not have any protection? Due to the shortages early on of N95 masks, the public was warned not to buy and hoard these masks to allow the frontline workers: Doctors, Nurses, Hospital Employees, and Health Officials to have the best protection from the virus. As time has gone on, our countries ability to domestically produce the N95 NIOSH masks has significantly increased and met demand of the frontline workers. The Center For Disease Control has recently given out this infographic.

The best masks you can buy and wear to protect yourself and loved ones are N95 NIOSH Masks. There are two main type of N95 Masks you can buy: Cupped or Foldable. 3m brand masks are still very hard to come by and should be reserved for medical and frontline workers, but we have suggestions for you!

The ones that we recommend for foldable N95 Niosh masks are the Harley L188 Masks that wraps around the back of your head and comes with a nose bridge.

The best cupped N95 NIOSH to us are the masks and the FDA Surgeons List, N95 NIOSH 3m 1860 Mask.

Significant steps for testing for the COVID-19 virus have been made. Check out the CareStart Rapid Antigen Test tests we now provide to hospitals and urgent care. These are non-invasive tests that are administered from the nasal cavity. Results are provided in 10 minutes! Further information can be found on our online store: Peach Medical Online Store

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