Lucira Pfizer COVID-19 & Flu Test

Introducing the at-home COVID-19 and Flu testing kit available without a prescription for quick and accurate results.


Lucira Pfizer COVID-19 & Flu Test

Say goodbye to the potential delays of waiting for lab results and gain peace of mind with the LUCIRA by Pfizer COVID-19 & Flu Home Test.

Lucira by Pfizer COVID-19 Testing Kit: Complete Home Test Package

Key Features of the Lucira Covid and Flu Test:

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Flu Prevention or Flu treatment

a contagious respiratory illness caused by influenza viruses

COVID-19 Treatments and Medications

It’s important to note that treatment protocols may vary based on the severity of the illnes

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Lucira by Pfizer COVID-19 Test Components: Essential At-Home Testing Kit

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Simple Steps

1. Swab 2. Stir 3. Detect

With speedy, accurate results for COVID-19, Flu A, and/or Flu B, you can assess which respiratory pathogen may be to blame for COVID-19- and flu-like symptoms with molecular accuracy and shift your focus toward care or treatment options.

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Lucira by Pfizer COVID-19 Testing Kit: Complete Home Test Package

What is in the Lucira By Pfizer Box?

The test kit includes all the necessary components for conducting a singular LUCIRA by Pfizer COVID-19 & Flu Home Test.
These include:

To ensure accurate results, it is crucial to thoroughly review the instructions and adhere to each step diligently.


Yes, no specialized medical training is needed to conduct the LUCIRA by Pfizer COVID-19 & Flu Home Test. All instructions are included in the package, providing you with the necessary guidance to run the test. It is crucial to carefully follow each step outlined in the instructions for accurate results.

Both the LUCIRA by Pfizer COVID-19 & Flu Home Test and lab-based PCR tests fall under molecular tests. These tests identify genetic material (RNA) from a target virus, but they utilize different methodologies. LUCIRA® by Pfizer employs RT-LAMP technology (reverse transcription loop-mediated isothermal amplification) for efficient detection.

The LUCIRA by Pfizer COVID-19 & Flu Home Test is designed for single-use only.

The shelf life of the LUCIRA by Pfizer COVID-19 & Flu Home Test is 18 months. Please check the expiration date located on the back of the box before using the individual test.

Absolutely. Always consult your healthcare provider after performing an at-home test. They can provide valuable insights into the interpretation of your results. If you do not have a primary care doctor, consider seeking one for follow-up discussions.

In case of any deviations from the outlined instructions, there's a risk of obtaining incorrect or invalid test results. If you suspect a mistake, conduct another test using a new kit, carefully following the provided instructions. If any results appear invalid, retest with a new kit or contact Pfizer at 1-888-LUCIRA-4 (582-4724) for assistance.

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